Wednsday 23/08/2001

DivX 4.0 FINAL was released. And I brought you a guide so you can learn how to encode using the best codec out there today. The results compared to Smart Bitrate Control rips are amazing. Have a go at it yourself, and find out! :)

Wednsday 18/07/2001

I got MASSIVE e-mail "attacks" for people claiming my pre-made settings link was dead. Okay, two things: it was only dead on 1 server. for future reference, if you find a dead link on 1 server, you should go to another, the two servers are http://purpleman.cjb.net (Hosted by Apachez) and http://purpleman.iscool.net (Hosted by Chilla). Anyways, the link is now "alive" on both mirrors. Have fun!

Thursday 12/07/2001

Nandub v1.0 RC2 is out. The download section has been updated, and same goes for the guide. Once again the guide has been made EASIER for people to follow. I have divided alot of stuff into sections, you'll just have to take a look and see for yourself. As for why I wasn't updating with the last 4 versions of Nandub, Well, because it wasn't too much of a change, mainly bugfixes, and the old guide would still work and still had all the details. Anyways, It's updated now. Have fun! :)

Tuesday 26/06/2001

Just my luck.. as soon as I finish uploading a new Nandub 0.25 guide, 2 new versions are out.. anyhow, guide has been updated to 0.26.1, as well as the downloads section. Enjoy. Btw- Nando.. PLEASE enough with new Nandubs!! :) You're killing me.

Tuesday 26/06/2001

Hi everybody. Nandub .025 is out, and I updated the guide and the downloads section. Bad links on the downloads section were fixed as well. The Nandub guide was splitted to two parts, Beginners and Advanced, this way the guides are friendly to both newbies and advanced rippers. I constantly make affords to make the site as friendly as possible, I would like to thank all the people who constantly email me and telling me how useful they found the site, much appreciated. If you like it to feel free to give me feedback on how you feel, or if you don't, give me feedback on what needs to be changed. mail: purpleman@newmail.net.

Monday 18/06/2001

Nandub .024 is out, and I have updated the guide to fit the new version, also you will find the new version downloadable in the download section. Enjoy.

Saturday 16/06/2001

I'm back, still alive and kicking. Some major upgrades. First of all, I've completely rewritten the Nandub guide, it now qualifies with the latest Nandub version 0.23. I have also wrote a VBR MP3 audio guide using Lame and RazorLame, and as a bonus, a new MP3Pro guide! All the needed software is as always in my downloads section. Speaking of downloads, I would like to thank my dear friend and coleague in the scene, Apachez, which offered to host me, and is now my new host, Thank You. For any software that you can't find on this page, get it at http://www.apachez.net. By the way, all the new screenshots in the site were taken in Windows XP, this explains the "weird" GUI.

Tuesday 22/05/2001

Since I got MASSIVE emails regarding DXR3 and H+ under Windows 2000 with the message of "instance of the driver is already in use", I decided to update the DXR3 Win2k guide with a solution to this problem, which by the way prior to finding a solution, drove me nuts and I reinstalled Windows about 7 times. Also I fixed a missing resize step in the CCE guide guide. Thanks to all of the support of everybody. and come visit me on #pcdvd and #divx-rippers on EFnet.

Sunday 15/04/2001

Some slight modifications to the SBC guide, and a new mirror to the site was added at http://purpleman.iscool.net.

Saturday 14/04/2001

Although I wasn't the first, doesn't mean I won't release. Smart Bitrate Control was introduced to us by VCDVaULT, and a guide was written and is available at the DivX Guides section, all the needed software was also added to the downloads section. This is by far the best encoding method ever invented up until today. Come visit me at #PCDVD and #DIVX-RIPPERS on EFNET.

Friday 30/03/2001

Hello everybody! Major news today: The entire site have been remade, navigation should be alot easier now, all of the guides have been equipped with the latest softwares, and some unneccesery steps were removed. All should be alot clearer now. Myself and Doom9 Cooperated on the both of our guides sections to enhance the guides in a "universal" way that it would be easier to answer questions regarding guides, and we both agreed on what's the best way to do each and every thing, up to the smallest details. Also note that my downloads section is completely new, and all of the programs are now on my server. Movie Collection Tracker v1.5 was released in the downloads section too, I need feedback on that guys. http://purpleman.does.it and http://www.purpleman.org (which redirects http://purpleman.does.it) were down lately, I don't forsee any problems like that in the future, but I've registered another redirector at http://purpleman.cjb.net. And last but not least I have a new email address at purpleman@newmail.net, emails that will be sent to my old Surfree account will not be answered. The future is bright! stay tuned!

Monday 12/02/2001

Well everybody, I got a cover for Beauty and the Beast, all that's left is: "The Return of Jafar" and "The Little Mermaid". Please, if you have the VHS tape or any other format, please scan the cover for me (English covers only, JPG format) and send it to me to pm2k@zahav.net.il - thanks.

Sunday 11/02/2001

Dear folks, I'm in the need for help. I'm looking for VHS/VCD covers of the following movies: Disney's "Beauty and the Beast", "Return of Jafar", and "The Little Mermaid". If anyone have one or more of these movies on VHS/VCD or any other format, please oh please scan them and send them to me to pm2k@zahav.net.il - this is an UNLIMITED account. send images in JPG format. Thanks in advance!

Monday 05/02/2001

Hey everybody, missed me? :) the last two weeks were VERY hard. school sucks, but you all know this already. anyhow, some good news: the next version of Movie Collection Tracker will be released somewhen within the next two days, i would like to thank all of you who sent me mail regarding features to be added, and as you will see, they were added. also note that Movie Collection Tracker v1.5 was made into two revisions, Simple Edition and Professional Edition. More details and a download link will come soon. Stay tuned!

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