Okay, so you all probably been wondering what is this Echo shit i'm talking about, well, I'll explain: Echo.com is an internet radio website, which offers you listening to good music on the radio in order to get Echo Points. every hour you get 53 EP's (echo points), when you reach a certain amount of points, you can redeem it for prizes, one of the prizes is a 18$ gift certificate to use with Amazon.com. it's really pretty nice, and it also has a nice referal system, so you refer your friends, and get points when they listen to the radio, so it's really worth it, especially if you're running the radio while you're sleeping, and just turn off your speakers. ;)

Joining Echo

I invite you to join Echo, and start earning DVD's off Amazon.com, so just click HERE and you'll be directed to Echo's homepage where you can sign up and start earning DVD's while you're asleep! :)

How to Cheat

Well, we all know, especially in the DVD business that there's always a way to do things faster, rip everybody off! and cheat Echo. Echo gives you 300 points for every friend you refer. a refered friend is only considered when he listens the radio for 2 hours. so you can simply make 30 bogus users which will be your referals, and login to each one for two hours, and your real account will get 300 points for each. it's pretty simple, and easy! Enjoy!