Thursday 18/01/2001

As I was surfing the net looking for a good software that would store my movie collection information, I've came to realize that there isn't even 1 good software out there to do that. so I decided to take steps and do something. The result is Movie Collection Tracker v1.0. I think it would really fit all of your needs. Interesting useful feature is that you can obtain movie information directly from IMDB (including image) into the software to be stored as your personal movie database, including tagline, name, year, director, format (dvd/vcd/svcd/divx) and alot more! Movie Collection Tracker was programmed by Canman and designed by me. Download it, use it, give me feedback. and I mean it. GIVE ME FEEDBACK (via email). Screenshot is also available in the download section.

Wendsday 17/01/2001

Soultrape has a new site at http://www.sceneportal.net some nice stuff, be sure to check it out!

Thursday 11/01/2001

My ISP sux! :) anyhow, what's up everybody? not much is new in the ripping world. however, I updated the DTS Audio CD guide due to questions about AC3 files which was unreadable to SoftEncode. Check it out. Cy'a soon.

Wendsday 03/01/2001

Hey everybody. Have you been good this year? coz Purple-Santa gives you Christmas presents! Two new guides are up! DTS Audio CD guide and DivX VKI guide. check it out in the Guides section needed programs were also uploaded to the downloads section, and some links were fixed. Happy new year to all my readers. come to visit me at #pcdvd in EFnet.

Wendsday 27/12/2000

Yo' everybody. Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah! 2 new guides will be uploaded soon, DTS Audio CD Guide (which was delayed due to technical reasons) by C_MacLeod and DivX VKI guide. also, ALL the current guides have been remade in order to make it easier to understand and browse. have a look at the altered guides section.

Sunday 19/12/2000

Remember where you saw/learned it first! my Windows Media Video guide is finished and totally available in the guides section! it's the first guide avialable on the net, encoding 2 PASS-VBR at MAXIMUM quality and PLAYABLE files. The 64,000$ question's answer is: YES, it's ALOT better than DivX. Enjoy!

Saturday 19/12/2000

Wassup? New guide up, CinemaCraft Encoder SVCD Guide 23.976 with pulldown!! i would recommend you to stay tuned today and tommorow (and in general) - 2 new guides are to be released: Windows Media Video 8 - The Right Way and DTS Audio CD Guide. enjoy!

Sunday 10/12/2000

SVCD Guide updated due to the many emails I got regarding burning the CD's and VirtualDub crashing, so here it is, now it will work great. as for my CCE guide, my hd crashed this weekend, and I lost it, I'll have to rewrite it, stay tuned.

Saturday 02/12/2000

Hello everybody! a couple of things: first of all, I've fixed a little thingy in my DVD2AVI guide, Second of all, having problems ripping the X-Men zone1 DVD title? there's a new guide on how to. In addition, as many of you requested, I-Author Deluxe for Super Video CD was added to the downloads section, and it includes the limit remover patch. a new SuperVCD guide is due soon using CCE with pulldown and subtitles! stay tuned.

Saturday 18/11/2000

Yeah, I know, you all hate me because I didn't update for a while! but don't worry you'll love me in the future when i reveal my latest project. anyways, a new one-of-a-kind guide was uploaded of how to create Super Video CD. this is the BEST way, no way to get more quality than that! multipass variable bitrate, with subtitles once again, the purple dude delivers! Enjoy!

Saturday 14/10/2000

Well, I've finally registered myself a couple of domains, so here you go everybody, from now on you can access this wonderful site using the following addresses: http://www.purpleman.org
Enjoy! i might upload some new guides soon, so stay tuned!

Friday 13/10/2000

10 long days of no update. i'm really sorry, but i couldn't find the time to write a new guide up until now, so here it is, Seamless Branching guide is now available at the guides section of the site. Also, do you have a standalone player? do you like playing all regions of DVD titles? is your DVD multizone? is the multizone automatic, meaning, you don't need to do anything in the remote in order to change zone? if the answer to all of these questions is YES, consider yourself fucked. may i present RCE3: Region Codes Enhancment 3. i'll explain: New DVD titles will now contain this new protection scheme, which is designed to determine if the player that the disc's was inserted to is multizone, and if it is, it won't play the disc but rather give a message: "This disc cannot be played in multi-zone DVD players". Only people that change the region code with their remote control will be able to play these discs. Example movies for this new scheme are 'The Patriot' and 'The Perfect Storm'. Region 0 DVD Drives will also fail to play these discs. you've been warned. And now, to another subject, I recently got my 18$ Gift Certificates from Echo, and i bought DVD's from Amazon.com. So i guess Echo is real after all. If you're on a 24 hours connection, and not a member of Echo yet, you're missing on free DVD's, click HERE to get more info on how to join, and what exactly is it. Enjoy!

Tuesday 03/10/2000

Hey everybody! enjoying the site?! good. I've added a new guide to the guides section. The new guide is on DXR3 cards and Windows 2000. hope you'll benefit from it! come visit us at #pcdvd on efnet! cy'a..

Saturday 30/09/2000

Well, I here by decalre this day as the "Ben Conlan Day". Ben was the one who just redeisgned my site and made it look as beautiful as it is now. Ben, You're the MAN! :) as for even better news, a new DVD2AVI DivX guide is up! check it out! it really rulez less syncing problems, better quality! enjoy! and PLEASE!! give me feedback! you're truly, Purple Man.

Sunday 24/09/2000

Howdy everybody! woooww. it's been a long time since i updated.. but hey... it was worth waiting for! I've added 2 new guides! How to Merge DivX files, and how to Split DivX files AND Subtitles files to fit on 2 cd's! I hope you all enjoy this, and if you have any more requests please do email me! Once again i'll ask.. can anyone redesign the site for me? please? if you're interested, contact me!! Quick note for everybody, plaese do not ICQ me with questions concerning the guides, only via email! ICQ is ONLY for the redeisgn job at the moment. Anyhow, enjoy the guides and give me feedback.

Saturday 16/09/2000

Dear hmm.. everybody! sorry for the lack of updates in the previous week, i've been so busy with school and encoding movies, examing new ways to encode divx, emailing authors, and alot of stuff like that. anyhow, some good news for ya'all, 1) soon enough, my new method will be finished and it might end syncing problems forever. 2) two new guides will be added soon: Subtitles with Mpeg2Avi + SubRip + MicroDVD Player, and Subtitles with Mpeg2Avi + Subrip + Windows Media Player in SEMI format. i'm also considering a totally new MicroDVD player guide on how to make divx menus (like DVD), but i doubt it will be in the next week or so. now, i repeat, if anyone can help me redesign the site to make it more.. err.. less ugly? please contact me as soon as possible. the guides will be upped within the next 2 days. Enjoy.

Sunday 09/09/2000

NEW GUIDE UP! the moment you've all been waiting for, my FlaskMPEG Subtitles DivX guide is finished, and was uploaded to the site! check it out, give me some feedback. GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK! thank you. ** Important Note: NETSCAPE users, I'm really sorry that my html pages does not work on your browser, please use Internet Explorer or please would someone download my html files and alter them to work on Netscape (close tables properly and stuff like that). Enjoy, and thank you!

Saturday 09/09/2000

Wooah.. what a week. school is back and i had very little time to work on the site, so i'm gonna make it up for it now. 3 guides will be added to the site soon: DivX with subtitles using FlaskMPEG, DivX with subtitles using Subrip and MiroDVD Player, and get this! A whole new way of encoding divx, audio and video at the same time, video quality that is equel or even above Mpeg2Avi, and no syncing problems ever! (no need for manual sync even!). but this 3rd guide will not be released until a C++ programmer who knows the DirectShow api contacts. so if you're a C++ programmer, and you know the DirectShow api, CONTACT ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! this while be a contribution to the entire DivX community. Cy'a.

Wednesday 06/09/2000

This time.. i'll need your help. first of all, i've decided to add 2 new guides to my site, and i'm writing them as you read this.. the first new guide will be a DivX subtitle ripping guide into .srt format using Mpeg2Avi and MicroDVD Player. The second guide will be anoter DivX subtitle guide, but using FlaskMPEG and "pasting" the subtitles into the movie stream itself. what i want you to do, is e-mail me (EMAIL! NOT ICQ!!) about guide you would like to see on the site. anything you wanted to do, and couldn't find a guide available, tell me, and i just might add it to the site. thank you all for your cooperation and dedication! also- if there's a VERY VERY GOOD site builder and designer who wants to help me make the site looks better, alot better, i will appriciate any help, email or icq me about that! thanks.

Tuesday 05/09/2000

I've got many emails concerning the fact that in the NTSC guide the usage of the STREAM.TXT file is before it's actually created.. so i fixed that to make it more clear. thank you all for your requests, bug reporting, and even those of you who just sent an email to thank me, i really do appriciate it, so, as in the words of some of the emails that were sent to me: "Keep up the excellent work!".

Friday 01/09/2000

Hello everybody, and welcome to my new and improved site. hope you like it! currently the only two guides available are my DivX PAL & NTSC guides. but i plan on adding Graphedit guides of converting various formats, but for now, i'll stick to the new divx guides. my new guide only for professionals, and will make 99.9% of DVD titles sync with MPEG2AVI. FlaskMPEG guide will be added soon, it would be ashame to write one now since a new version is going to be released soon. so we'll see what's up and i'll keep you up to date. Enjoy!

Sunday 03/09/2000

I just realized that i didn't write a way to contact me, hehe, and i was wondering why i'm not getting any feedback ;).. welp, i added a contact option in the buttom, so please use it and tell me what you think of the guide. hopefully i will add a forum to the site soon,.. stay tuned.